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Christchurch 8022
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Cel +6421 2379601
Email sound@soundpeople.co.nz

    Midas Heritage 3000 44+4
    Yamaha PM5D-RH
    Yamaha CL5 w 64input Remote Head amps
    Yamaha M7CL
    Yamaha LS9 32
    Yamaha QL1 w 32input Remote Head amps
    Yamaha 02R
    Yamaha 01v96
    Ramsa 840 monitor

    d&b audiotechnik J-Series
    D&B J8
    D&B J12
    D&B J-SUB
    d&b audiotechnik Q-Series
    D&B Q1
    D&B Q-Sub
    D&B M6 Wedges
    EAW KF 850J
    JBL 4892 Array
    Dual 18" JBL Loaded (2442) SB1a Sub
Dual 15" JBL Loaded Mid/High SB2 Cab
    SLP Wedges - JBL 2226 and 2450 on DDS flare
    Single JBL loaded 15"+ 1" Cab
    JBL Control 1
    DB Technologies Opera 110 Mobile
    D&B D12
    Lab.Gruppen fp6400 Racks
    QSC Powerlite 4.0 + 2.0 Racks
    QSC Powerlite 1.6 Biamp Racks
    MPX 1200 + 600 Racks
    Carver PM Racks
    Shure U4D UHF Reciever
    Shure U1 Body pack
    Shure U2 Beta 58a
    Shure U2 Beta 87a
    Shure PSM 600 In Ear Transmitter
    Shure P6R-HB Reciever
    Shure P6HW Hardwired Reciever
    Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM System

    Sony CDP-D12 CD PLAYER
    Tascam CD-01U CD PLAYER
    Sony MDS-E12 Mini Disc
    Denon DN-1100R Mini Disk
    Panasonic SV-3700 Dat
    Lake LM44 with Lake Controller
    XTA DP448 with Audio Core
    XTA DP226 with Audio Core
    DBX Drive Rack
ASHLY Protea 4.24C

    Lexicon PCM 91
    Eventide H3000
    TC Electronics 2290
    TC Electronics D-2
    TC Electronics M5000
    TC Electronics M-One XL
    Yamaha SPX 90
    Yamaha SPX 900
    Yamaha SPX 990
    Roland SDE 3000
    Roland SDE 1000
    Roland SDE 330
    Summit DCL 200
    DBX 160
    DBX 160x
    DBX 160a
    DBX 1066
DBX 166
    Drawmer DS 201
    Drawmer DS 404
    AKG 414
    AKG 451
    AKG 460
    AKG C568 Shotgun
    AKG CK5
    Audix OM7
    Beyer Dynamic M69
    Beyer Dynamic M88
    Electro Voice N/D408
    Electro Voice PL20
    Sennheiser e602
    Sennheiser e604
    Sennheiser MD 409
    Sennheiser MD 421
    Sennheiser MD 441
    Shure Beta 52, Beta 52a
    Shure Beta 56a

Shure SM58, Beta 58, Beta 58a

    Shure SM57, Beta 57, Beta 57a
    Shure SM 81
    Shure SM 91a, Beta 91
    Shure SM 98a, Beta 98
    Shure SM 99
    Shure KSM 32
    Crown CM 311
    Countryman Type 85
    BSS AR133
    Boss DI-1
    H&K Red Box Classic


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